How All Sorts of Businesses Are Taking Advantage of COVID-19 - And You Can Too

COVID-19 is likely to be the biggest curveball your business has ever been thrown. Being so utterly wrong-footed by this unprecedented set of circumstances has left many in the industry feeling lost, helpless and bewildered - to put it lightly!

While uncertainty reigns it can be a real struggle to focus and to be positive. However, this is exactly what is needed, so today’s post aims to help you to do just that.

First, let’s focus on the UNIQUE positives in the situation.

The main one being we all now have the time we’ve always wanted more of. You can now redirect all that time you spent working IN your business, to working ON your business. You can step back from the daily task load, take stock, redirect your energies, get inspired and get STRATEGIC. There is time to PLAN and time to DO the activities that will keep your business alive in people’s minds and hearts ready for brighter days to come.

Another unique positive in COVID-19 is the fact that pretty much the whole world is at home, spending a great deal more time online, where you can reach them!

Mobile app usage is up 20% globally on this time last year. The platforms with the most monthly active users are Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and TikTok.

Mobile app usage

Vodafone has reported internet usage being up 50% in some European countries. In particular, video content is being consumed like never before - find out more.

SO, now is not the time to be distant. You have the opportunity to capture the imagination and attention of a great variety of people. Now is the time to get content about your business out there for people to enjoy, connect with and get excited about.

We’d like to kick off our inspiration session by highlighting some accommodation businesses doing great things to stay fresh in their customers minds and hearts.

The Atlantic Hotel in Newquay did a virtual Easter Egg Hunt on Facebook that showcased their stunning views and entertained adults and children alike.

The Cornwall Hotel & Spa have created a family hub so people “can still experience some of the magic of Cornwall.” This online resource consists of a collection of Creative Cornwall Challenges and encourages visitors to “dig out your paints, brushes, pencils, card and creativity for a daily Creativity Challenge for the whole family, young and old.” They have even shared their Cornish cream tea recipe!

The Headland Hotel in Cornwall published “a beautiful collection of images from @william_emmett_archive to serve as a timely reminder that even in uncertain times The Headland has always come through thanks to the love and support of our valued guests, and our fantastic staff. Both of which we miss dearly and are counting the days until we can welcome back.”

In addition to these, we’re delighted to see our wonderful clients are putting out some wonderful posts on their websites and social media. Here is a selection of our favourites.

Web Smart Media

If you are still wondering where to start, do take a look at our recent posts. We have one on COVID Marketing FAQs and another detailing social media recommendations during a temporary closure.

Also, next week we’ll be posting a step by step guide on Nurturing a Scottish Tourism Business Through COVID-19 so make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to hear about it.

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