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Commonly Asked Questions About Marketing During COVID-19

If your accommodation business has had to close during the Coronavirus outbreak, then it is undoubtedly a stressful time. However, there are actions you can take right now to help engage with your customers and prepare your marketing efforts for the future.

Commonly Asked Questions About Marketing During COVID-19

Q. We’ve had to close. What can we do?
A. It’s scary to have closed your doors with no idea when you’ll reopen. Your customers probably feel the same way.

The first thing you need to do is let your customer know what is going on. Make sure the information they need is front and centre on your website. Don’t make them hunt for it. Keep this information updated regularly. Let your customers know when the information was last updated, so they know they are looking at the latest news.

Don’t forget to update all of your sites, so make sure you add announcements to your social media pages too and don’t neglect aspects such as Google My Business.

During this time, consider taking bookings for further in advance than usual. This can let your clients plan ahead and might encourage them to book sooner.

Q. How Can I Engage With My Customers?
A. This is a good time to get busy on social media. Build good habits of posting 2-3 times a week to your platforms of choice. Try to share content that gives some value to your customers. For example, if you’re a B&B, why not share some breakfast recipes?

Pictures of wildlife or scenery will offer much-wanted escapism and is a great way to entice people to come and stay with you if you have amazing wildlife on your doorstep.

You could get your customers involved by asking their opinions about their favourite part of staying with you. Or even get their views on any updating or renovation you’re doing.

While this period may be getting you down, it is crucial to stay positive on social media, encourage engagement now and remind people they can also book in advance for later in the year.

Q. Should I Stop Advertising?
A. Now is the time to start playing the long game. If you just go dark and then try to pick up when travel restrictions lift you will be missing out. You might need to change your current marketing strategies. For instance, now is not the time to advertise ‘killer’ deals.

A measured and gentle marketing strategy can set you up for the recovery of business once the world begins to normalise. So, don’t halt all advertising but do take stock of your messaging to make sure it is on point.

Focus on SEO by building your blog and website content. Also, consider using this time to record videos and photographs. Clients love being able to experience a place before they arrive via video. Furthermore, having plenty of photographs in-stock can help to make sure you’re never stuck for something to post on Instagram!

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