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As an agency we provide many online services to our clients. Some of these are third party services that we manage on our clients' behalf.

Web Forms

We provide a centralised service for designing web forms and recording completed entries. These forms are hosted together on our secure server and embeded into clients' web pages as required.

The vast majority of these forms are variations on contact, enquiry, and booking forms. Their entries therefore almost always contain personal contact information. This information is generally retained for one year or until it is no longer required for a legitimate purpose (whichever is later).


We use Campaign Monitor to manage our larger email sending needs. This includes storing our clients' email address lists securely, sending out their email newsletters, and sending transactional emails (like order confirmations from shops).

Therefore, if you provide your email address to one of our clients it may stored with Campaign Monitor , along with your name. No other personal information is routinely collected.

As Campaign Monitor runs some of its services in the USA, your personal information may be transfered there.

You can learn more about Campaign Monitor and their approach to privacy.

Online shops

We use Ecwid to provide and manage our online shops. We do this in order to provide our clients with a secure and reliable e-commerce product. You may see us mention our Ecwid shops under the brand WSM SAFESHOP.

When you give personal information to an Ecwid shop, for example by signing up for an account or ordering something, we wil record specific personal information about you, such as your name and email address. This information will be collected and stored by Ecwid.

As Ecwid runs some of its services in the USA, your personal information may be transfered there.

You can learn more about Ecwid and their approach to privacy.

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