GDPR Information

On the 25th of May 2018 the European data protection legislation known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforcable.

GDPR strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding personal data relating to them and seeks to simplify data protection laws across Europe, whereever that data is processed.

As part of this, it differentiates between Data Controllers (who collect and determine how information will be processed) and Data Processors (who receive information from data controllers).

Where we act as a data processor

Web Smart Media act as a data processor for any data that has been provided, uploaded or transferred to our servers. Any client uploading this data will be classed as the data controller.

Where we act as a data controller

Web Smart Media act as the data controller for any data that was provided during the ordering and general account management process. This includes any data held for marketing purposes.

Physical Locations of Data

Our Office
Pitlochry Business Centre, Pitlochry, PH165AP
Primary and secondary data centres
Equinix Amsterdam Campus, The Netherlands

Third party services that we manage on behalf of our clients may transfer data outside of the EU.

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Unit 9, Pitlochry Business Centre,
Armoury Road, Pitlochry,
Perthshire, PH16 5AP

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