Nurturing a Scottish Tourism Business Through COVID-19

Nurturing Scottish Tourism Business COVID-19

So, you’re over the initial shock of COVID-19 and ready to turn crisis into opportunity for your business. Next question - where to start? Today we’re giving you a step by step guide to get you set off on the right course.

COVID-19 Update

Before kicking off any campaigns, you need to make sure your house is in order. Check over your website and social media pages and ensure the information on them is up to date.

This doesn’t mean redesigning everything for COVID-19 - just make sure you have a prominent notification in place that covers your COVID practices. Here is an example of what one of our clients diplayed on their homepage:

COVID-19 Update

On your website:

On your website
  • Check your contact details are correct and add a note about your response times - have these changed? While there is so much uncertainty at the moment, visitors highly value knowing where they stand, so it's good to be as clear as possible about what they can expect when they contact you.
  • Check analytics are set up and firing properly, including Google Analytics and the Facebook tracking pixel.
  • Check your contact forms and newsletter sign up forms are working.
Social Media

On social media:

  • Go through your Facebook settings, check contact details, opening hours and about section. The two places to edit key info is from ‘Settings’ at the top and ‘About’ in the menu on the left.
  • On Instagram and Twitter, check the settings from the ‘edit profile’ button on your profile page. Make sure you have as many contact options as possible and that all of the options listed are currently being monitored.
  • Do the same for LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Business, etc.

Other than these basics, your online presence should still market your business to the best of its potential.

Take a look at your website and social media pages with fresh eyes. Pretend you don’t know of your business and ask yourself:

  • Does the site make you want to know more?
  • Are the images enticing?
  • Does the copy resonate?

If your answers were ‘yes', make notes on what works well.

If you don’t find your sites beguiling, zero down into why that is. It can help to look at other businesses websites and social media for some inspiration, taking notes on what you like about their content that could be applied to yours. Make a to do list of updates that need to be made and set yourself a timeframe to achieve them.

Changing Your Marketing Strategy for COVID-19

Once the housekeeping is taken care of, you’ll need to get your head around switching strategy. There may be little you can do to generate bookings and revenue at this time, but there are other goals that will serve you well when times are good again.

One key focus should be deepening and strengthening your connection to existing customers, clients and contacts. Another is working on increasing the number of connections you have in your network.

Have a think on what you’d like to generate aside from money and how you can work to make your business the first thing people want to visit when Coronavirus is over.

Some examples of valuable marketing goals during COVID-19 are:

  • Generate sign ups to your newsletter - email is still the strongest digital marketing channel.
  • Increase social media followers.
  • Improve social media engagement.
  • Drive website traffic.

To do all of these things, you need to offer something people find valuable in exchange for their action.

Think about what people need right now:

  • A little uplift
  • Some cheer
  • A laugh
  • Something to plan and look forward to
  • A feeling of normality
  • To learn something new
  • A bargain

Think about how you can be there and give people something that will help them through these difficult times. Can you share a picture that will put a smile on their face? Can you prompt them to remember the good times and share a post about it? Can you inspire them to try a lockdown activity that links with your business - perhaps you have a recipe to share - and they could post a picture of their attempt? Can you create an enticing email sign up offer, with a fantastic prize up for grabs when lockdown is lifted?

We would love to hear your COVID-19 Marketing ideas and would be delighted to help you brainstorm some more.

Do get in touch by writing a post on our page or commenting on a post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by Email and we’ll get the creative juices flowing!

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