Communicating Your Post Lockdown Plans With Your Customers

As lockdown measures begin to ease in the UK, thousands of businesses across the country are preparing to open their doors and welcome their customers back once again. Every industry has been impacted in some way by the Coronavirus pandemic, and everyone is keen to get back to normality as quickly as possible.

Communicating Your Post Lockdown Plans With Your Customers

Whilst the lockdown measures are eased, and plans are put in place to keep everyone safe, it is essential that you properly communicate with your customers.

What Do Customers Need To Know?

There are a few questions that your customers are going to want answers to when it comes to your post lockdown plans. In all your communications, you should aim to answer the following questions;

  • When do you intend to open? Your customers will need to know when they can access your business again, whether that is in person or online. If you aren’t completely set on reopen dates and dependant on the lockdown measures easing over time, be clear with your customers that this is the case.
  • What safety precautions will be in place? While customers are keen to get back to normal life, they also want to know what businesses are doing to keep them safe post lockdown.
  • Are there any changes to hours or the way you operate? Many businesses are beginning to open with reduced hours, reduced staff or other operational changes. These should all be clearly communicated to customers.
  • When and how can customers book? For face to face services, such as hairdressers and beauticians, customers will want to know how they can make an appointment. You might also have set times that customers must call or book online to make appointments, so make sure this is clear.

Be Current With Content

It is clear that the world isn’t going to go back to normal straight away, and so your content shouldn’t either. All your online content should be reactive to guideline changes and reflect the ongoing situation and the general mood of the public.

Update Your Website

Every business is making their own decisions about when and how they reopen because every situation is slightly different. Customers can’t assume that everything about your business is going back to the way things were pre-lockdown. Getting up to date information to your customers is vital, and your website is the first place people will go to for their questions, so make sure it is kept current.

Preparation Is Key

Be prepared for a surge of customers when your business reopens. Many customers are desperate to return to normal life. People want to eat, shop, drink and get any services they need from your business as soon as they can. Be prepared for this so that things can run smoothly, and you can maintain a good relationship with customers.

Meet E-Commerce Demand

During the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a significant shift in consumer behaviour. With many people stuck at home, online shopping has grown even larger than it already was.

Many online retailers who experienced this sudden rise in demand haven’t been able to keep up with orders, resulting in delays and temporary closures. This varied by industry but has shown a need to devote major resources to e-commerce in order to stay relevant, operational and to grow during this unprecedented turmoil.

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