Recovery Checklist Post Lockdown

As the Coronavirus pandemic is seemingly slowing, and the government is beginning to ease lockdown instructions, many businesses are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With a lot of marketers unsure of how to kickstart their campaigns, we’ve created this recovery checklist for post lockdown communications.

Recovery Checklist Post Lockdown

Update Listing Information

Depending on your industry, the chances are you have many different online business directories to manage. All of these should be updated with any information you have on reopening after the Coronavirus pandemic. Aim to include your opening hours, any changes in procedures and contact information.

Update TripAdvisor

If you are a business that is listed on TripAdvisor, then you might have been marked as temporarily closed during the lockdown. Make sure you revert this change so customers can find you.

Spread The Word

It is likely that you are reopening your business with some new policies and procedures in place. Communicate these new changes and let customers know you are ready for business by sharing information on social media, email messages, website updates and any other communication channels you may have.

Communicate With Local DMOs And Portal Sites

If you are operating a business that is affected by local tourism, then be sure to stay in touch with local DMOs and other tourism sources. Ensure that your post lockdown messaging is in line with theirs.

Develop Your Own Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Marketing messages after lockdown are going to be very different from those you were running this time last year. Come up with appropriate campaigns and messaging for your recovery phase. Customers should always be the first priority in your marketing messages, so think about what they want to know before they make a purchase.

Switch On And Update Your Paid Ads

The majority of businesses either paused or scaled-down paid advertising campaigns during the lockdown. Spend some time updating your ad copy and making sure they communicate your new messaging. Keep them consistent with your strategic marketing campaigns and other communications. When you are ready to welcome customers back to your business, switch on your ads or ramp up your efforts to reach your market.

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